Legion Terminals, LLC – Veeder Tank Site

Johnson’s Corner, North Dakota

Uintah Engineering and Land Surveying (UELS) worked with Legion Terminals in surveying the 50 acre project site and locating the existing oil and water pipelines crossing the site. Eight 250,000 Bbl crude oil tanks were planned to be constructed on this site, in addition to a truck unloading/loading terminal. Upon completion of the survey, our engineering department worked with a geotechnical firm to perform the site soil borings to prepare a soils report to provide recommendations for the engineering of the site grading and surfacing, tank foundations, on-site retention pit. UELS prepared multiple site grading layouts and provided earthwork estimates to determine the most efficient layout of the site. One of the challenges of this site was that there was a drainage that passed through the middle of the site. The grading plan was prepared in such a way to route the drainage around the tank site and prepare storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) for mitigating the potential for erosion in this bare earth channel.

Upon the completion of a preliminary design of the tank foundations, the tanks would need to be constructed on piles, which would end up driving up the cost of the foundation for multiple tanks. Additional soil borings were performed to determine the ideal location of the tanks to minimize the number of tanks requiring pile foundations.

UELS provided construction inspection and surveying during the construction of the facility earthwork and surfacing.