Ambrose Township 108th Street NW Proposed Road Construction & Improvements

Ambrose Township, North Dakota

Samson Resource Company operates multiple oil and gas well locations along 108th Street NW in the Ambrose Township of North Dakota. The road was originally constructed as a farm access road along the section line, but with the increased year-round travel of large and heavy commercial traffic, the road was in need of improvements. Along with the proposed improvements, Samson also desired to extend the existing 5 mile segment of road with an additional 1/2 mile on the West end and 1 mile on the East end, to tie into other existing Samson well locations.

UELS provided all of the preliminary surveying data collection along the 6.5 mile project. UELS also coordinated geotechnical investigation and engineering services, along with assisting with the environmental consultation for wetland delineation. UELS then prepared permitting construction documents for county road approaches, NDDOT highway accesses, and a full design plan set, including plan and profile sheets and cross-sections. Also included in the design plan set were earthwork quantities, imported material requirements, geotechnical improvements, including design of subgrade and stabilization for heavy truck traffic, restriction on wetlands and culvert extensions/replacements, and other various grading and drainage improvements. UELS provided engineer’s estimates and bidding assistance to Samson during the final project scoping and construction bidding.