2014 Baghouse Structural Project

Bonanza, Utah

American Gilsonite Company planned to install a new Baghouse bin in their processing tower at their Bonanza Mine Facility. The Baghouse would be installed in the 3rd level of their loading tower. The new Baghouse weighs approximately 54,000 lbs when full of gilsonite ore.

UELS was responsible for the structural engineering of the project to support the new Baghouse. This required that the majority of the beams, girders, and columns supporting the third level deck be retrofitted to increase the capacity of the supporting structure. UELS used structural analysis software to calculate the load and design the steel retrofit sections. The columns were retrofit with steel plate that was stitch welded to the flanges of the wide flange steel section to increase their capacity. Detailed construction plans were prepared that depicted the retrofit welding and construction procedures to install the retrofit sections.