Since 1964, Uintah Engineering & Land Surveying (UELS) has provided a full range of Land Surveying,  Civil Engineering, Civil Drafting and GIS services for our clients. Our staff specializes in providing professional services to the Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets.

Our Company is guided by a three-fold philosophy:

  1. Our conscientious staff enjoys working in an atmosphere of teamwork, respect and are committed to the success of the company.
  2. Our employees are equipped with the training and tools necessary to maintain a competitive edge in a constantly changing world.
  3. We provide our customers with high quality services in a cost-effective and timely manner.

UELS is an industry leader in meeting the demands of our customers in all the markets UELS serves. Our extensive list of previous projects showcases our capabilities, work flows, and final deliverables to customers. Each of our disciplines has a broad range of capabilities; Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Civil Drafting and GIS.


UELS Professionals and Staff

Employee longevity is an important part of our success. Our company completes several thousand well location projects each year. Experience is essential to efficiency and to incorporate solutions to all concerns within the project. Our employees continue to train in the latest methods and technology. Continuous review of processes and procedure identify what improvements can be made. Our more experienced personnel continue to train and tutor our newer personnel to assure that our quality work can continue through future generations of UELS employees. Our employees participate in continuing education which is an essential part of continuing to provide the highest quality work in the markets we serve. When we combine our specialization with the longevity of our employees, our clients benefit from valuable experience and successful projects; job is completed, correct, on-time and saves our clients’ money.

Safety Record

UELS personnel are trained and certified yearly for hazards they may encounter. Work generally completed by UELS is at remote locations mostly before any development is in place. Our safety plan is tailored to our client’s requirements for training, reporting, and testing. UELS has a random drug testing program to comply with client safety requirements. Drug or alcohol use is not tolerated at UELS.

UELS has an excellent safety record. All of our field personnel are equipped with handheld GPS, fire extinguishers, first aid gear, and cell phones to provide a link in case of emergencies. Each field crew checks-in daily to verify safety. Daily tail-gate meetings and job safety analysis are conducted by our crews and weekly reports are kept for safety evaluation. Monthly safety and training meetings are conducted in our office by instructors from our local applied technology college. This brings our employees to a higher level of health, safety, and environmental awareness.

UELS is committed to ensuring that proper training and procedures are followed to provide safe working conditions for all employees.


Our company provides services and product deliverables unmatched in our field. Our advantage begins with our people. Our experienced staff of engineers, surveyors, and draftsmen takes pride in providing high quality services in a cost efficient manner. When we combine our people with the best technology and tools, successful projects and satisfied customers are the natural outcome. We have an excellent safety record. Our employees are trained and capable of performing diverse tasks. Our reputation of excellence over the years is unmatched.

When UELS is selected for Engineering and Land Surveying, the job will be complete, correct, on time and save clients money.